Stop Thinking About Work!

Do you find yourself thinking about work and all the things you need to get done, hours after you’ve left the office? If you struggle with this then you’re NOT ALONE.  This can be extremely exhausting and frustrating, WHY because it seems so easy STOP thinking about work. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and leads us workaholics straight into burnout. 

Shamefully, I was even guilty of this weeks before delivering my daughter. I don’t like to admit that work was still my main priority when I should have put my health and daughter first, but sadly it was my reality. When I took a step back, I dug deep to find out why. The answer is actually pretty simple, it’s called unrealistic expectations

Day in and day out you go into work and create a list of things that “need” to be accomplished. Most of the items on your “need” to complete list are things you’d actually “like” to complete. So what happens is spend your time completing tasks that are easy and tasks you enjoy working on first, then saving the tasks or projects you’re dreading to work on last. The problem with this set-up is that the tasks you’re dreading to complete are ACTUALLY what NEEDS to be completed ASAP or even in the corporate world, YESTERDAY

Then you go home and you can’t stop thinking that one stupid dreadful task you didn’t do. Now you’re thinking about work instead of focusing on your family. This might make you feel guilty and frustrated or even resentful when your spouse gives you a hard time for wanting to finish up work at home. You tell yourself and your spouse, I PROMISE if I get this done now I’ll be home on time tomorrow. Then the cycle continues day in and day out, week in and week out, for some of us year in and year out. 

How do you STOP this vicious cycle? Ditch your long to-do list and set ONE goal for the day that MUST get done. Then set TWO “would like” to complete goals. The third step is to schedule your ONE MUST COMPLETE goal FIRST THING, get it out of the way. 

That’s it my friends, you’ve got this 🙂

Coach Tara