Give Yourself A Little Slack

That is what, I told myself time and time again about 6 months ago. I found out at the end of February that we were expecting baby number #2 🙂 I was SO SO excited minus the fact that I didn’t lose the baby weight from my first baby.

For the first three weeks, I felt great and definitely thought that I would bypass the all day morning sickness I had with my first pregnancy. Then bam, COVID-19 happens and I lose childcare for the two days I had set aside to work on my business. Although it sucked, I knew I wanted to keep my child as safe as possible and staying at home with her would ensure that. I thought to myself, OK, I can be like other Mompreneurs and diligently work on the business during naptime. I guess God had other plans for me because I went from feeling great to full blown all day morning sickness. At first, I tried to suck it up and continued to set goals for myself and those goals quickly turned into “didn’t get that done or that or that.” That’s when the self-defeating talk took over and I’ll admit I became pretty moody and depressed.

Finally, I decided to think of it from a burnout coaches point-of-view. What would I tell a client if they were going through something similar and that’s when I had the aha moment. It’s not the end of the world if you need to take a break whether it’s from your corporate job, your business, or even a little time away from family. It’s important to be able to identify when you’re NOT being PRODUCTIVE, when you’re NOT being EFFECTIVE, and when you’re mentally and/or physically EXHAUSTED. This is CRUCIAL because in order to BE PRODUCTIVE, EFFECTIVE, AND HAPPY you need to take the steps needed to recharge or else you’ll never refill your cup to 100% and the self-defeating talk will CONTINUE to SLOW YOU DOWN.

So do yourself a favor and give yourself a little slack and the permission to take TIME to REFUEL. Think of it this way, short-term pain for the long-term gain.