February Leap Into Faith 

February marks the month that changed my life forever when we welcomed our little girl into this world.

February marks the month that I decided that my family meant more than my job. 

February marks the month that I said enough is enough and decided to focus on my mental and physical health.

February marks the month that I left corporate and never looked back. 

If it wasn’t for the blessing of having my daughter, my husband and I never would have made the decision to leave my job to focus on our family. I have to admit our family was scared of the unknown and thoughts of “Can we make it” definitely came into play. But one remarkable thing happened, we let go of trying to control the situation and simply trusted that God would provide. I knew everything would work out, I just wasn’t sure how.

Fast forward to today, and I have recovered from burnout by working on myself, spending time with family and friends, and finding my God led purpose. I started my own HR Consulting business in October and launched my coaching business, Burnout to Blessed last month. Since starting my coaching business, I have seen women transform from burnout to rediscovering their joy. 

Now that God has revealed my purpose, it is my mission to help other women rediscover themselves and reclaim happiness by overcoming burnout. 

February 2020 marks the month that I took ANOTHER leap of FAITH and asked you to join my free Facebook Group, Burnout to Blessed https://www.facebook.com/groups/burnout2blessed/

Join me in community to support and encourage other women that are struggling with burnout to start their journey to overcome and take back control of life! 


Question, do you have enough time to see family and friends, exercise, and spend time on yourself during the week? 

If the answer is no, you’re probably spending too much time working instead of spending time on the things you enjoy. 

Recently, I had a client that went from working late everyday for years to consistently making time for herself, consistently making time to exercise, and consistently making time for family and friends. 

IT IS POSSIBLE to get off work on time, you just have to make the COMMITMENT to CONSISTENTLY make time for self care. You’re not going to get anywhere unless you COMMIT to a “I WILL DO” mindset.

If you need someone to hold you accountable and encourage you to take the next step to COMMIT, DM me and I’d be happy to help 🙂 

2/12 = Who Wants Financial Freedom?

The one question I get from almost every client is

“Can I quit my job today and still be fine financially?”

I can’t answer that question for them, but I can tell you the formula to financial freedom and it’s called live within your means, AKA get out of DEBT ASAP.

First, I’m going to start out by stating this post might be controversial. Everyone has their personal beliefs on money and everyone has a right to have their own opinion. 

Living by this principle allowed us to pay off:

4 years of student loans, 

Both vehicles,  

Put a 10% down payment on our house, 

 All within 2 years! 

Oh and I successfully quit my 9 to 5 job, so my friends IT WORKS! 

Following this principle not only allowed us to pay off debt it has given us a piece of mind and that in my book is priceless. 

If you want to leave your 9 to 5 and start your own business, but need a financial plan before taking that leap of faith follow these steps:

  • Save $1,000 as a start-up emergency fund
  • Start by paying off the highest interest rate first
  • Save 3 to 6 months of expenses and bills

I have to give credit where credit is due, if you’re not familiar with Dave Ramsey get familiar, he has a course called Financial Peace University which teaches the principles I mentioned. . 

If you’re interested in learning HOW to SUCCESSFULLY implement this process WITHOUT the STRESS, DM me and I’ll send you the details. 


  • Get a joint account with your spouse  (if applicable) if you don’t already have one.
      1. Pay all of your bills and expenses from your joint account.
      2. After you’ve paid the bills, give yourself a little extra breathing room.Then put aside all extra money towards your debt or your savings.
  • Each set-up a separate account and allocate 10% of your pay or a set dollar amount each pay period. 
    1. You can spend this money on anything your heart desires – clothes, shoes, 
    2. massage, nails, etc.